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Expert Mobile App Development Services for iOS and Android. A robust mobile presence is pivotal for businesses to stay competitive and effectively reach their target audience. Mobile development services help businesses like yours develop and optimize mobile applications that cater to your needs. Whether defining clear objectives or maintaining a mobile app, our development solutions can guide you to build a reliable mobile application. 

Common Mobile Application Development Challenges That Businesses Face

Without professional assistance, businesses may face several mobile app development challenges that hinder the outcome and the reputation of the business. 

Our Mobile App Development Services and Solutions

ThinkSys understands the challenges faced by businesses during mobile application development. With our comprehensive range of services, your every challenge will be tackled and you can get the application your business deserves.

iOS App Development

Become a part of the Apple ecosystem with our iOS app development service and release your app on Apple’s App Store. Our developers are not only aware of the latest tools and technologies of mobile app development but remain updated with Apple’s guidelines so that your iOS application offers a seamless experience to the users.

Android App Development

Undeniably, Android is the most competitive market, but you can dominate it with your business and our Android app development service. Our experts enable you to harness the full potential of the Android platform in building stunning and engaging applications that deliver best-in-class performance in every Android device. With this service, you can reach this vast user base efficiently.

Cross-Platform App Development

Don’t limit your app to just one OS. With our cross-platform app development service, you can get a mobile application that runs on both Android and iOS. Using frameworks like Flutter and React Native, our professionals can build versatile and scalable cross-platform applications. Such apps can reduce cost and time-to-market and reach more users.

App Design

Elevate the aesthetics of your application with our app design services where the designers blend creativity and user-centric design to build an interface that catches the eye of the users. From smooth navigation and transitions to delightful animations, our experts can create designs to make your app stand out.

App Testing and QA

Minimize user complaints and maximize your app performance with ThinkSys app testing and QA service. By rigorously testing your application, our testers ensure that every bug from your mobile app is eradicated to deliver your users a smooth and bug-free experience. The testing involves performance, security, unit, responsiveness, and other testing types, leaving no room for bugs to survive.

Mobile App Integration

Expand the functionality of your mobile application by seamlessly connecting it to existing systems or third-party APIs with this service. By creating a harmonious ecosystem, we can weave various components into your application without compromising its security and stability.

App Maintenance & Support

Ensure your app’s longevity with our maintenance and support services. The dedicated team will release new updates, bug fixes, and performance optimizations to keep your update top-notch all the time. With round-the-clock support, the support personnel ensures that your application faces zero to minimal downtime.

Mobile App Consulting

Gain valuable insights and guidance tailored to your business goals, user expectations, market trends, and aspirations from our professionals. With our innovative ideas and data-driven strategies, you can have a competitive edge and maximum users impact.

Types of Mobile Apps We Develop

Whether it is finance or healthcare, our experts understand the specific needs of different apps and develop them accordingly. Explore the various types of apps we develop.

Programming Languages




Mobile App Tools and Technologies We Work With

By leveraging the latest tools and technologies, ThinkSys employs the most effective tools for each project. Here is the tech stack our professionals use.

Phases of Our Mobile App Development Process

ThinkSys builds a custom mobile app development process based on your app’s requirements. The strategic approach involves various phases, each vital in bringing your idea to life. Take a look at the basic process, which is customized as required.

Discovery & Planning

The initial step involves communicating with you to understand your application vision, business goals, target audience, and other relevant information necessary for effective app development. Meanwhile, our professionals will research the market, and analyze your competitors to define your app’s objective to create a development plan. 


Based on the information collected in the previous step, our designers will commence working on prototypes and wireframes of the application. By creating specific and handpicked visual elements, interaction, and screen elements, we ensure that every aspect aligns with your brand identity.


One of the most prominent phases of the process, the development phase, involves turning the visual concepts into the application. By following the best and leading coding practices, our professionals develop a secure, scalable, and high-performing application that meets your expectations. Our team will constantly communicate with you during the development process, to attain your input and keep you updated with the development progress. 


Quality is our top priority, which is why our dedicated QA team tests every aspect of your app to identify any bugs and issues from the app. Functional, performance, user acceptance, security, and unit testing, among others, are part of the testing process to keep your application bug-free. 


Upon completion of development and testing, the app is ready to release in the respective stores. For smooth release, we ensure that your app meets the App Store and Google Play Store submission guidelines. The dedicated team will assist you in the release and optimize your application’s visibility for better growth.

Maintenance and Support

ThinkSys will provide continuous support and maintenance to update your app with new features and security patches. The experts will monitor the app continuously and address user feedback to fix any issue or to improve the overall user experience.

Why Choose ThinkSys as

Your Mobile App Development Company?

ThinkSys brings a unique combination of innovation, expertise, and commitment to ensure the success of your mobile app. Take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to choose us.

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