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Experience Enhanced Efficiency and Innovation with Tailored AWS Consulting Services. Utilize the power of the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and effectively transform your business while saving time, money, and potential. Created to help enterprises of all sizes, AWS offers firms quality services and support needed to prevent servers from overloading due to increasing demands or traffic.

Benefits of

Amazon Web Services

AWS helps you build a strong digital infrastructure and get access to some of the most cutting-edge technologies available. Other benefits of AWS include:

Flexible Management

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of AWS. Whether you’re a startup witnessing rapid growth or an enterprise with a huge workload, AWS offers a wide range of tools and services to meet your specific needs. With AWS consulting services, you will get the flexibility to adapt your infrastructure as per your organizational needs.

Fast & Secure

With a global infrastructure comprising various regions and availability zones, AWS allows you to deploy your apps within the proximity of your target audience, reducing latency. As a renowned cloud provider, AWS incorporates robust security measures to protect your sensitive data from theft or authorized access.

Easy to Administer

Managing cloud infrastructure shouldn’t be tedious. AWS offers a user-friendly management console and several APIs that simplify admin tasks. This console also helps monitor and manage resources, configure security settings, and perform several other tasks without any technical expertise.


Legions of people believe that AWS is highly expensive and that using its services will hamper their overall budget. With the pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only need to pay for the resources you need. Moreover, it eradicates the upfront investment of hardware and infrastructure, making it highly cost-effective.

Available & Durable

Being one of the biggest cloud service providers in the world, AWS has reached across multiple regions. In case of any outage in a specific region, the services can failover to other locations without causing any interruption to its services.

Highly Scalable

Business requirements increase as it grows. One of the core advantages of AWS is its ability to scale resources on demand. Based on changes in demand, you can scale up or down the infrastructure without worrying about managing additional hardware. With this scalability, you can manage sudden traffic spikes, supporting your organization‘s growth.

We Offer

AWS Consulting Services

Fully-managed services for maximum value.

Now getting the most out of your AWS setup or building a cost-efficient AWS infrastructure is easier with ThinkSys’s wide range of AWS services. So, whether you need AWS cloud migration, AWS business support, or other Amazon consulting services, ThinkSys can handle the most complex AWS consulting projects at competitive rates.

AWS Consulting

Unlock the true capabilities of your AWS with professional AWS consulting services. From understanding AWES to assessing your requirements and creating a roadmap for successful cloud adoption, our consultants will provide you with the best guidance and strategic advice on AWS.

AWS Implementation

Eradicate all the troubles and issues faced during AWS implementation. By working closely with you to understand your business, our experts create a dedicated implementation plan for a smooth transition of your apps and data to the cloud. Our professionals will help you with infrastructure setup, app deployment, data migration, and configuring networking, security, and access controls while ensuring minimal downtime.

AWS Integrations

Integrating AWS with either your existing or third-party system can be irksome. The AWS integration service by ThinkSys ensures that your AWS is seamlessly integrated with any system you want. Depending on the business’s integration requirements, our experts may connect AWS resources with on-premises systems, integrate with third-party apps, or build custom integrations for smooth functionality across your organization.

AWS Scaling

Your cloud infrastructure needs to keep up with your business’s expansion. ThinkSys will analyze your workload demand, growth projection, performance, and cloud requirements to design scalable architecture. Whether it is auto-scaling or load balancing, ThinkSys will ensure that your infrastructure is capable of handling rising user demands.

AWS Backend Development

Building scalable and efficient backend systems on AWS is necessary for the best performance. Our backend development team will evaluate your business and app requirements to build backend infrastructure. By using top AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, and more, ThinkSys ensures that the backend development process is quick and efficient.

AWS Architecture

Transform your business operations with our AWS architects and build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications and workloads. The experts will create detailed blueprints and specifications for your cloud infrastructure to ensure its high availability, scalability, and security.

AWS Deployment

Whether you want to release new features or avoid downtime during application deployment, our AWS deployment services can cater to all your deployment needs and deliver the excellence you aspire to. Our experts will define deployment strategies, implement CI/CD pipelines, and automate the deployment processes through top AWS tools to ensure efficient deployment with minimal manual effort.

AWS Big Data Services

Dealing with large volumes of data is not only complex but should be done with utmost care. Utilize our AWS Big Data services to derive more value from your data assets. ThinkSys will assist in data processing, data warehousing, data ingestion, and implementing analytics on AWS. By leveraging AWS services like Athena, Redshift, and EMR, we can build scalable and cost-effective big data architecture.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy

Take advantage of our AWS cloud consulting services to effortlessly create enterprise-grade AWS cloud infrastructure design and strategy and ensure your clients benefit from a stress-free and valuable cloud environment.

AWS Cost Optimization & Management

Poor optimization can increase AWS usage costs while getting no benefit from extra expenses. Enhance the benefits of AWS while making it cost-efficient with our AWS cost optimization and management. By analyzing the usage and cost patterns, our experts will identify areas for optimization and provide recommendations to reduce costs without hampering the performance, ensuring maximum return on investment.

AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

An unforeseen disaster can ruin years of hard work if you are not prepared for it. Build and deploy a flexible, secure, and scalable backup infrastructure, with ThinkSys's AWS backup and disaster recovery services and protect all your data types. For ensuring disaster recovery, our experts will identify recovery point objectives, and recovery time objectives, and build robust backup and restore strategies.

Cloud Automation

Minimize errors and maximize efficiency with cloud automation services by ThinkSys. Our experts will assist you in leveraging automation tools including AWS Systems Manager, and CloudFormation. From configuration management to infrastructure provisioning, ThinkSys can help you in all.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the best ways to enhance productivity and improve decision-making. With expertise in AI and machine learning, ThinkSys can help transform the way you utilize AWS. From creating intelligent chatbots to image recognition systems, our AI experts can combine AI with AWS to leverage their capabilities.

Security, Risk, and Compliance

Having inadequate security measures can jeopardize the AWS reliability and trust of users. Equipped with the best tools and techniques including vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and incident response, our experts can protect your AWS infrastructure from potential attacks. Moreover, your AWS infrastructure can adhere to industry regulations and compliances with the right recommendations and guidance.

AWS Business Support

Achieve organizational change and tangible business outcomes by making a successful transition to AWS, the highly scalable, available, and durable cloud platform, with ThinkSys and get the necessary business support. Our professionals will help you in troubleshooting issues, and provide the right recommendations to ensure your business success with AWS.

Process Followed at ThinkSys

As one of the leading cloud consulting partners and AWS services providers, we understand the need for seamless and transparent management. Hence, at ThinkSys, we follow a comprehensive AWS consulting process where our dexterous consultants work directly with our clients, understanding their requirements and offering suggestions, creating strategies, and solutions most suitable for their business needs.

Requirements Gathering

The initial step in the process is to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs and goals. We audit your system to understand your business requirements and process and identify the AWS services you require. Factors including scalability needs, security requirements, budget, industry, and compliance are considered to set a stable foundation for the process.


Based on a deep understanding of your requirements, our team will craft tailored recommendations that leverage AWS features. Additionally, a comprehensive plan will be created that involves AWS services, architectures, and strategies focused on optimizing the performance, scalability, and cost of AWS.


With recommendations in hand, our team moves into the implementation phase where our experts will work closely with your team to execute the plan, configure services, migrate data, and integrate systems with AWS. Our expertise combined with industry-leading tools ensures an efficient AWS infrastructure that aligns with your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Once AWS implementation is complete, our dedicated quality assurance team comes into action. The QA team will conduct rigorous testing, ensuring that all components of your AWS infrastructure are functioning optimally. From verifying performance to security, every issue and vulnerability in your AWS environment will be addressed before they impact your operations.


Our AWS experts support you with all aspects of AWS. From collaborating with AWS to managing your system post-deployment, and more, we are with you every step of the way.

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One-stop destination for all your managed AWS needs.

Guided by our goal to assist organizations of different sizes to connect with their customers and deliver new, innovative products and services, ThinkSys utilizes the power of AWS and its features to create an infrastructure/environment that lets your business thrive. Other reasons to get ThinkSys as your AWS consulting partner are:

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