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Functional Testing Services

Functional testing forms the backbone of software QA, validating that each component of the software and its entirety performs as intended.
Services Offered by ThinkSys

Functional Testing Services

Several types of functional testing services are offered by testers that will eradicate the most significant issues from your software. The following are the functional testing services that you can get.

Unit Testing

Performing unit testing will validate the functionality of a specific software component to ensure that they work as anticipated. Executed at the early stages of development, unit testing helps in saving significant costs in defect fixing. Techniques used in testing include boundary value analysis, branch coverage, decision coverage, and statement coverage.

Component Testing

Component testing involves testing various software modules in isolation to identify any underlying issues. Moreover, it is performed on a section of the code after completion. Though it may sound similar to unit testing, the only difference is that it also tests whether the components work together as expected after integrating with other components or not.

System Testing

Also referred to as end-to-end testing, system testing involves testing the software to determine that all the functional and business requirements are fulfilled. System testing can identify any performance, functionality, or compatibility issue, reducing the overall delivery time of the software.

Acceptance Testing

Understand the acceptance rate of your software by the end user. Performed after system testing, this black-box testing technique aims to ensure that your software meets the requirements and needs specified by the end users. This testing ensures that your application is accepted rapidly by the users, increasing your software's initial and overall growth rate.

Regression Testing

Sometimes, code fixes or implementation of new features can hamper the software's existing functionality. Regression testing ensures that any code modification does not introduce new issues to the software.

Smoke Testing

Named after the practice of testing electronic equipment, smoke testing is performed to understand whether the new code is stable enough to test further or not. Only the core and most critical functionalities are considered for testing here.

Sanity Testing

Similar to regression testing, sanity testing involves testing software when adding new code. However, the difference lies in the target areas. Sanity testing targets only the affected areas of the code. The build will not progress to the next phase if it fails sanity testing

Integration Testing

Unit testing ensures that individual components of the software work efficiently. However, they need to work together in a group to complete the software. Integration testing validates that every component communicates and works together to ensure they function appropriately.

Identification of Defects

Functional testing begins at the initial stages of development and is performed until the software is released. This rigorous testing identifies defects and bugs in the software and allows developers to fix them before they become serious.

Better Functioning Software

Functionality testing is all about testing the functions of the software to ensure they work as expected. By ensuring that each feature works as required, it meets the requirements of the end-users.

Minimize Risk

Software failure can impact the organization or users. Addressing issues in early development stages through functional testing can reduce the risk of expensive fixes, downtime, and reputational damage.

Improves User Experience

User acceptance testing in functional testing ensures user satisfaction and usability. It validates software responsiveness, user interface, and error rate. The report informs developers of optimization and enhances user experience.

Benefits of Choosing Our

Functional Testing Solutions

Investing in functional testing is a critical aspect of the success of software. You can expect the following benefits with our functional testing service.

Success Stories

Our Functional Testing Success Stories

WorkMarket by ADP – Regression Testing for Smoother Releases

WorkMarket by ADP wanted someone to help them perform regression testing for quicker test case execution and faster releases for their software. They trusted ThinkSys as their partner and our team implemented test cases and evaluated the key areas of the application. The team used both automation and manual methods to run multiple tests on the software whenever required.

The outcome of partnering with ThinkSys was a drastic reduction in testing time, increasing in application stability, faster application releases, minimal hotfixes and rollbacks, and execution of over 400 test cases.

Pioneering Uniqueness

Standing Out Among Functional Testing Service Providers

ThinkSys has been in the software testing industry for over a decade now, and our professionals have gained immense experience in catering to clients’ custom and varying needs. That is not all; here are some ways we bring value to your business through our functional testing service.

Our professionals possess expertise in various testing techniques. From unit testing to integration testing, regression testing, and system testing, ThinkSys covers the full spectrum of functional testing to put your software through an in-depth evaluation for better functionality and usability of your software.

Rather than one action works for all approaches, ThinkSys utilize data-driven decision-making to optimize the testing efforts; by analyzing testing metrics, patterns, and trends, our professionals attain valuable insights into the performance of your software and determine the areas for improvement for fine-tuning of the testing strategy.

As every software is unique, our professionals tailor the approach to the needs and design customized test scenarios and cases depending on the software. Doing so ensures that critical functionalities are thoroughly tested, minimizing the possibility of functional defects slipping through the cracks.

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ThinkSys has a proven track record of successfully delivering functional testing solutions for diverse clients and industries. Our case studies showcase how our team has helped clients optimize their software performance and improve the overall user experience.

By creating a robust test environment that closely resembles the production environment, ThinkSys enables accurate simulation of real-world scenarios to uncover functional anomalies in various usage scenarios. This can be combined with automation for quicker and more accurate testing.

ThinkSys takes the privacy and security of client information seriously, so we hold the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification that ensures that your data will always be secure with us.

Additional Resources

Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights into the realm of functional testing with the following informative content. Explore this specially curated collection of informative resources that delve into the intricacies of functional software testing practice. These materials offer an in-depth understanding of functional testing methodologies, real-world scenarios where this testing has helped, the process, and best practices followed by industry leaders.

Please note that the information provided is only for educational purposes and not as advice or recommendation for your project.

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