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QA Outsourcing

Discover how QA outsourcing services can revolutionize your software development process, elevate product quality, and propel your business to new heights of success.

Business Benefits of

QA Outsourcing

Leverage the following benefits of outsourcing software QA and take your software on the path of success and growth.

QA outsourcing can eliminate hiring, training, infrastructure, and operations costs, saving up to 30% of the budget annually. This financial perk can be used to optimize your budget for other critical growth areas.

By outsourcing QA, you can reduce the time spent on testing cycles by up to 40%. Faster identification and resolution of bugs accelerate the overall development process, reducing the time to market.

The in-house team may become biased about their product, overlooking some of the critical bugs. That differs from quality assurance outsourcing companies as they bring fresh perspectives to testing. This impartial assessment can bring a 20% improvement in defect identification.

When you prefer QA outsourcing, you give additional time to your internal team, which they can utilize by focusing on their core competencies. The internal team can dedicate more time to innovation, project management, and feature development, and the outsourced team can handle the testing, improving the overall productivity of your internal team by up to 20%.

Types of

QA Outsourcing Services We Offer

Get a transformative experience that will set your software apart and cater to your unique needs with the QA outsourcing service by ThinkSys. The comprehensive service involves a broad portfolio of services, including:

Manual Testing

Embrace the unsurpassable human intelligence where our skilled QA team goes beyond traditional manual testing approaches to ensure that every aspect of your software’s functionality is thoroughly evaluated.

Automation Testing

Our QA team aims to accelerate your testing process using the latest tools and frameworks without compromising code quality. With tailored techniques, robust automation scripts, and precise results, the outcome for your software will be reduced time-to-market.

SaaS Testing

Cloud-based apps pose unique challenges and demands. With rigorous testing methodologies, our experts provide you with an unpatrolled level of assurance, allowing you to meet the highest security, reliability, and scalability standards.

Web Application Testing

Expand your online presence with web app testing that ensures flawless functionality, enabling your app to leave a lasting impression on the users. Our dedicated process involves assessing your web app's performance, security, compatibility, and usability across various users and platforms.

Mobile Application Testing

Make your mobile app rise above the competition by testing it across various devices, screen sizes, and operating systems, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality. Our mobile application testing services cater to the unique challenges of this rapidly evolving landscape to eradicate all the bugs and captivate your target audience.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktops are being used in legions of industries, so ensuring their excellence is a must. From functionality to responsiveness, our comprehensive desktop app testing covers every aspect of your application.

Functional Testing

Functional testing helps ensure that every functional component of your software is working as anticipated. With a sharp eye for detail, a rigorous approach, and custom test cases, our professionals identify even the slightest anomalies for the seamless functioning of your software.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing services will push your software beyond its limits so that performance issues never hinder the success of your software. By executing load, stress, and performance tests, we eradicate every bottleneck from your software, guaranteeing exceptional speed, stability, and scalability to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Usability Testing

Understanding the requirements and expectations of your target audience by shortlisting and assessing the right participants is our strength which you can leverage to enhance your software’s user experience. Our goal is to improve the user experience so that it offers a delightful and valuable design to the users.

Accessibility Testing

Make your software accessible to all, no matter the disability, with accessibility testing. By conducting thorough audits and testing based on industry guidelines, we ensure your software is easily accessible to individuals with disabilities. From testing features like talkback to adding custom features, this testing ensures your software is ready for all.

Compatibility Testing

As the types of devices people regularly use are on the rise, keeping up with the compatibility of every such device is a tussle. Compatibility testing helps your software function seamlessly across all the major platforms, browsers, devices, and screen sizes. Whether it is simulating real-life scenarios to performing tests on real devices, we go the extra mile to enhance the compatibility of your software.

Security Testing

Security is paramount in this interconnected world. Our professionals remain updated with not just new security practices but new threats as well to prepare for the worst. Our approach involves vulnerability assessments, code reviews, and penetration testing, among others, to ensure high security in your software.

Our QA Outsourcing Process

ThinkSys follows a strategic approach to ensure that QA outsourcing services are delivered with the highest quality. This process is tailored as per the software’s unique requirements.

Initial Consultation

The process kickstarts with an initial consultation or meeting with our professionals. This consultation aims to deeply understand  your project’s requirements, goals, and expectations. Moreover, this consultation gives you an insight into specific information about the process. 

Test Planning

Once our experts understand your project requirements, they devise a tailored test plan that outlines necessary details like the scope, timelines, objectives, and resources needed for plan QA testing execution. This plan also includes suitable testing methodologies and techniques specific to your project. 

Resource Allocation

With the strategy in place, our professionals allocate the desired resources to your project. The resource allocation is done based on the consultation, minimizing resource wastage and optimum utilization.

Creating Test Cases

Based on the test plan, the QA professionals will create test cases and scripts and identify KPIs for attaining an accurate outcome.

Test Execution

Here, the professionals begin executing the defined test cases and scenarios. Depending on the requirements, the QA professionals will implement automated or manual testing approaches to determine the software’s performance, usability, security, and functionality.

Defect Tracking

While executing the tests, our team will implement several defect-tracking mechanisms to capture any underlying bugs or issues. Based on that information, a report will be created to highlight the impact and severity of the issue.

Analyzing the Test Result

Once testing is completed, the QA professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of the test result to assess the quality of the software, identify trends and provide necessary recommendations to improve the software quality and user experience.

Ongoing Support

The process doesn’t end with executing the test or report. Our team continues to support our clients to identify and fix any issues they face. Our team will offer round-the-clock support to ensure your issues are resolved in the shortest time possible.

Innovation Driven Approach

At ThinkSys, we believe in staying at the forefront of technological advancements, so our team constantly embraces innovation and explores emerging tools and trends. By collaborating with us, you benefit from our forward-thinking mindset in improving the quality of your software.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We never consider ourselves a vendor but strive to be your trusted partner. Our collaborative and transparent approach helps understand your business goals, and vision. By forging a strong partnership, we ensure seamless communication, shared objectives, and a unified approach toward making your software the best.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

We are relentlessly committed to continuous growth and improvement, so we constantly monitor our processes, methodologies, and performance metrics to find the key areas for improvement. Every test we perform is a lesson for us and a challenge to become better than our previous selves.

Domain Expertise

The QA professionals at ThinkSys have extensive domain expertise across various industries. Whether it is healthcare or finance, we understand all sectors’ specific challenges and requirements. With this expertise, you can get a targeted testing strategy, ensuring optimal QA results for your software.

Why Choose ThinkSys as Your

QA Outsourcing Company/Partner?

ThinkSys has offered QA outsourcing services for over a decade, making us the pioneers in the industry. With a comprehensive array of services combined with a customer-centric approach, ThinkSys is the name you can rely on for QA outsourcing.

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